How to choose fabric for your new PDF Sewing pattern???

Eva wearing the Ivy Jeans.

You are my hero! You made a pair of pants. The project that most seamstresses dread. How often do you hear … oh I’m not going to make trousers, they’re never fit! There is truth in that,  one woman isn’t the other. Our lower bodies are precisely the place where all the feminine curves are. Knees, hips, buttocks, belly, calves and then you should also be able to bend when wearing your trousers!!!!!  But the

Which fabric for my PDF sewing pattern

Do you recognize it? You want to make a pair of pants and you have a nice fabric lying around. In your head you’re already shining on the red carpet. Then your pants are ready …. Unfortunately it is not the pants you had hoped for. Mega disappointed and 1 big question mark above your head. How did that happen? Well, it can have several causes. The wrong pants pattern was chosen for your figure

PDF Sewing pattern under construction

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